• Craft your Message
  • Design your Target
  • Define your Scheduling

Push Notifications Campaign Manager

Reach out to your customers anytime, anywhere

  • Easy-to-use editor for all yours Apps

    An Easy-To-Use Editor for all of Your Apps

    to amplify your marketing effectiveness in a few clicks

  • Richer push notifications and in-App messages

    Rich Push Notifications & In-App Messages

    to captivate your audience and grow conversion

  • Custom segmentation for your targeted campaigns

    Custom Segmentation for Highly Targeted Campaigns

    to be heard by the people who are relevant to you

Capture your Audience through Rich Push Notifications

Use videos, gifs, images and click-to-action buttons to increase your campaign’s redemption

  • PushCamp Push Notifications Video Video
  • PushCamp Push Notifications Gifs Gifs
  • PushCamp Push Notifications Images Images
  • PushCamp Push Notifications click-to-action buttons CTA Buttons

Go Cross-OS with one click

Reach out to different devices and OS with ease in a single campaign

  • PushCamp Cross-Device Push Notifications Android Android
  • PushCamp Cross-Device Push Notifications iOS iOS

Create Custom In-App Messages

Personalize your in-app message and start a one2one conversation with your customers

  • PushCamp Push Notifications CMS Editor User Friendly Client Editor
  • PushCamp Push Notifications SDK App Mapping
  • PushCamp Push Notifications Deep-Linking Deep Linking

Get to the right audience through advanced segmentation

Define your targets and segment them
Create as many clusters as you need

  • PushCamp Push Notifications Advanced Targeting Unlimited Clusters
  • PushCamp Push Notifications Custom target Segments Smart Segments
  • PushCamp Push Notifications Upload Target List List-based target

Be more relevant through scheduling and event-driven campaigns

Schedule or trigger your campaign through Geo-fences and any other event captured by your app

  • PushCamp Push Notifications Geolocation Events Geofence
  • PushCamp Push Notifications Event Driven Campaign Pre-defined Logics
  • PushCamp Push Notifications Custom Events Custom events

Multi-app Editor

Creating push notification campaigns is so much easier than you’d imagine. Through an intuitive UX, PushCamp’s WYSIWYG editor allows you to create, duplicate and edit all kind of Standard and Rich Push Notifications and In-App messages within minutes and totally IT-free. For both Android and iOS, and for all of your apps.


There’s no limit to the number of target groups you can create. Use advanced segmentation or import your target lists. Moreover, the Pushcamp’s SDK allows you to collect contextual information, such as in-app activity or which other apps are installed on the end-user handset. Smart and progressive segmentation at hand to increase overall effectiveness and redemption.


Geolocation and other events may be your campaign’s triggers. Or you might want to set up a certain time scheduling. In any case timely delivery is an important key for successful campaigns. PushCamp intelligently distributes the load and maximises on-time delivery thanks to a continuous learning from the millions of notifications sent every day.


Performance monitoring is vital for both reporting and fine-tuning. Analyze your campaign’s trend day by day with PushCamp. On top of that, we can configure receipts for in-app actions to complete your dashboard and allow you to analyze the end2end effectiveness of your campaigns.

Easy Integration

Pushcamp SDK is mostly integrated into Apps with the sole help of the developer guide. We also offer remote and/or on-site support.

Multi-App Management

You can integrate the SDK in all of your apps and manage them from the same campaign management system through all of the access profiles you may need.

CRM integrations

PushCamp can integrate with your CRM to make the most out of the data you already have and provide you with a full picture of your activities.

Simplifies content creation

PushCamp helps to streamline the content creation process, through its own CMS and by integrating seamlessly with third-party CMSs.

Highly scalable

PushCamp boosts up mobile marketing strategies for players in some of the most complex and busiest industries around - TLC, Media and Energy - ensuring the most scalable environment for our clients, no matter their size.